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There is no denying that the video game indsutry has recently shifted its focus to tailor towards a more family-friendly market. Kids playing dancing games and mothers doing a sorry excuse for exercise in their lounge room is no more-or-less the status quo for what developers are trotting out on a quarterly basis. Sure, gamers are still being 'treated' to the big title releases in the summer months when the original IPs are releases, however, even our beloved franchises are being dumbed down for the massive with cinematic cutscenes and quick time events taking place of genuine challenges that require you to think, rather than push the right buttons in the right order to not die.

As a result of this worrying indsutry trend, we are seeing something positive. PC gaming - while beloved by many - was certainly starting to lose a little steam as more and more people flocked to the convinence of a console. Frustrated with the kiddy-friendly options that they're being served up though, hardcore gamers are returning to the humble PC and are getting right back into games that promote the gamer to actually think instead of mindlessly tap away at a controller. Needless to say, this spike in PC gaming has once again shone the spotlight on the grand-daddy of all challenging PC games - the flight simulator.

Those that are fed up with finishing a full single player campaign in a weekend now have somewhere to turn that will provide value for money that many thought no longer existed. A PC game title that can easily provide a player with literally hundreds of hours of entertainment and, at times, can feel just as much of an art as it is a game. The best flight sim offers up stunning visuals, real-time weather conditions and if you're so inclined, it also provides some of the more awesome multiplayer that is available in any game today - console or otherwise!

If you're one of the many gamers who are exhausted with being spoon fed solutions and are tired of buying a game, believeing it to be an 'open-world' adventure only to be stopped constantly by invisable walls then perhaps you need to take a minute and check out a flight simulator. If you haven't already looked into the genre, there is genuinely nothing like it - once you play, you'll be hooked.

Best of all, developers of these games are so confident that you'll love the experience that they offer you money-back guarentees! Unlike console games that you pay top dollar for, only to finish in a day or so, if you don't like your flight simulator, you have 60 days to return it and get your money back, no questions asked. It's old-fashioned customer service for a modern game!

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